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Holy shit...

Posted by Sherklov - October 16th, 2015

Holy shit. Today, there was a bomb threat made at my school. Some jackass threatened the principal to blow-up everyone in the school if his grades aren't improved. I'm being serious. It scared the shit outta me. I didn't really know the guy, and I didn't know if he would do it or not. I just can't really calm down. What if he really did it? 340 people would die, maybe more. Just... Jesus...

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That's the perils of reality,man,we gotta live with it and treasure every moment of our lives...

While that being true, it is an unfortunate fact. The human race is never really safe from danger.

The irony is that the danger is really ourselves and the ideas we put into our heads.


Well,I was nearly beaten up by my own classmates.


Everyone wanted to prank the teacher and I was the only one who didn't agree.

Wow. The nerve of people these days.

Your art is not half bad, man! :D Your movie was pretty inspiring! Keep up the great work!
Keep going, I would love to see more from you. :) If you want to sometime you can check out some of what I like to call comedy arts. I just posted a new one today called "Bigfoot's abusive hand."

Thanks man!

That's really terrible. I hope that the guy was punished somehow, because if he had the mind to choose to kill hundreds of people instead of actually studying to raise his grades, then he probably doesn't even know what consequences are.

You're right, he was expelled after all of us were evacuated.

That was years ago and I am glad your school is safe.

Oh... Okay then. I just don't get people. That's why I have such anger issues that I take out on animations.


Yeah, pretty much. Yet, somehow there more fluent then my normal ones.

I think that's because you put one of your strongest emotions into them.


I know what you mean, one year ago when I was in 8th grade, there was a phone call to our school saying there was a bomb set in our school. We all had to stay in the high school nearby, in the gym so that the police could find it. After a long while, it was just a hoask and there wasn't any bomb at all and the guy who made the threat was arrested. To be honest during alll this, i wasn't really scared about the whole thing that much and from the beginning, thought it was a hoask all along. And also, one month ago, A football team that my highschool football team beat, said that they were going to shoot up all the Caucasian kids in our school, during the whole day, nothing really happened. It was just a rumor after all. But a lot of kids didn't goto school that day though.

Wow, that's harsh. When it happened, me and a few of my friends thought he really was gonna do it because he's a little messed up. I don't know if there really was a bomb, I haven't heard if the police confirmed it or not.

My schoolmate brought an army knife onto the school bus and he took it out in the school to let everyone see and got screwed...

Well, that's not the worst thing I heard. Last year, one of my friends brought in his 1911 pistol to show his friends, and got suspended. I mean, just why? Why would you do that?

Wanting to look cool by bringing their 'toys'?

I wouldn't call it that... I would call them 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction'.

The same thing happened to me, except it was on the day of 9/11. Needless to say there was a slim amount of kids in the building.

That... had to be rough.

It kinds was. We were on a drill to stay. Some argued to leave the building, others just followed orders and stayed. The students didn't really give a damn which was a shame...sort of. It was a Friday, on 9/11. The 2 obviously don't mix well. I wrote my friend to see if she'd pick me up and she said "Just walk it off" I wasn't picked up so I just stayed.

Well, 9/11 to kids at the time wasn't that big a deal. Now, it is because we know what happened and how many people died.

It was kinda sad to see my class, in history. It was 50/50. A few cried and some just sat there really thinking about the whole incident, while the other half were just drawling, throwing paper airplanes, picking their nose and sleeping. Me. I just thought about it thoroughly.

Wow. I guess some of them either didn't know or didn't care.

Sorry to hear about the fellow's story below,some of us are not very sensitive about it.